BCN Smart City

Barcelona Wi-Fi

The city's free Internet-connection service

Barcelona Wi-Fi is a service provided by Barcelona City Council that enables you to connect to the Internet from a wide range of the city's streets. Access points are located at 193 municipal facilities and at 276 street sites, making a grand total of 461 access points and thereby creating the largest free-access, public Wi-Fi network in Spain and one of the most important in Europe.

Barcelona City Council is aiming to increase resident’s access to the Internet and the use of technology in their daily lives.

Roll-out Plan for WiFi Services in Public Spaces: Barcelona has an ambitious Roll-Out Plan with a target of increasing the network by 1,520 new hotspots.

Introducing WiFi to municipal parks and gardens: The aim behind this initiative is to extend the Barcelona WiFi service to the city's parks and gardens, and to boost it in children's play areas as well as other points of interest in the parks. This will be done gradually, by first installing the service at 220 parks with WiFi access before the summer of 2015.

Installing WiFi on the city bus network and the metroThe idea here is to install the Barcelona WiFi service on the city's buses and at the main metro stations. It will cover the entire bus network, and it is envisaged that 1,000 buses and 16 metro stations and will have the WiFi service by the end of 2016.


From any connected device ( mobile phone , PDA, laptop ... ) , and once accepted the terms of use on its website , the service allows you to access the type of navigation follows:

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    Internet access
    Enables simple browsing the internet, except for those sites with content considered ethically dubious . Not to distort the market in accordance with applicable law, the connection speed is limited to 256kbps . This project involves the successful bidder for the management of municipal networks ( GIX ) , Abertis Telecom to meet the growing need for mobile information access of the citizens of Barcelona. • The collective public-private partnership allows adding Internet access services offered by the Council for free but with limited speed telecommunications regulations imposed as a complementary payment provided by Abertis Telecom ( WI Premium) .

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    Access to information from the city:
    Events guide , municipal procedures , among others.