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The Smart City is a new concept defining a city that works to improve the quality of its citizens' lives by guaranteeing sustainable social, economic and urban development. A smart city is based on the use and modernisation of new information and communication technologies (ICT) to provide more efficient management of the city's services and resources.

A smart city  improves quality of life for its citizens across the whole of society

In practice, a smart city has the capacity to meet the needs of its citizens (in terms of the environment, mobility, businesses, communications, energy and housing) and it thereby improves their daily lives

It is a city that facilitates the interaction of its citizens with its administration; where open information is available in real time; and where it is possible to be enterprising. A city that is definitively a place that supports and fosters personal and business development.

A sustainable and self-sufficient city nourished by innovation and new technology

A city that wishes to aspire to being a truly Smart city must develop all of its key areas (transport, energy, education, health, waste management, security, economy…) simultaneously and transversally.

Essentially the following three ideas establish the criteria that differentiate a Smart City:

  • 1

    Efficient management of services and resources

  • 2

    New tools and places for people, groups and institutions to interact with each other

  • 3

    Use and integration of new technologies (ICT)