BCN Smart City

City OS

A technological platform of services and solutions for Barcelona

A technological platform set up to help Barcelona City Council take decisions in real time, in order to meet the needs of governing the city and improve the quality of life of its citizens.

This platform has the capacity to acquire and process information on the running of the city quickly, effectively, efficiently and in a sustainable manner. It has smart systems that allow it to analyse and relate events so it can produce simulations and anticipate any problem that might affect the city (including emergency situations).

Some of the City OS objectives are to:

  • 1

    Integrate and correlate city data (sensorisation elements, municipal and non-municipal system databases, social media network data) and transform them into information.

  • 2

    Guarantee the quality of the information stored and security in accessing it.

  • 3

    Enable knowledge of the different services offered by Barcelona to be handled both horizontally (between services) and vertically (to a global supervision centre).

  • 4

    Enable the data to be analysed and predictions to be made based on the data stored.

  • 5

    Run simulations of potential city situations.

  • 6

    Enable event behaviour patterns to be established.

  • 7

    Enable the integration of the services and production platforms through technological architecture.

  • 8

    Serve as a basis or model for future city platforms.