BCN Smart City


The interactive bus stop

This is the new smart and sustainable bus stop, equipped with cutting-edge technology to improve user experiences.

The design was proposed by SmartCitiesLAB, an ideas laboratory set up by a group of large corporations. It has a WiFi connection, a municipal applications downloading point via Barcelona Contactless (QR and NFC technology), a touchscreen with utility apps for enabling users to travel around the city and get to know it, as well as another screen offering dynamic digital advertising..

The digital display that gives information on bus-arrival waiting times is also included in the smartquesina infrastructure.

Other benefits available to you include free WiFi hotspots, courtesy of the Barcelona WiFi service, and even the possibility of charging your mobile by using any of its USB ports, which you will find integrated into the side of the screen.

Smartquesinas can be found on Pla de Palau, Avda Diagonal and Passeig de Gràcia, and they operate 24 hours a day, thanks to the municipal fibre-optic infrastructure that Barcelona City Council has rolled out round the city.

Some of the apps you can consult through the touchscreen are:

  • 1

    Virtual TMB: This makes it easier for you to find your means of transport, as well as to plan your route and find out the waiting times.

  • 2

    Nearby Depending on where the bus shelter is, it will show you information on the nearest points of interest.

  • 3

    Bicing: You can access real-time information such as Bicing bike and station availability and find out the safest and most convenient routes.

  • 4

    Cultural BCN: To discover Barcelona's cultural events and facilities.

  • 5

    BCN Turisme: Whether you have half a day, a whole day or two days to spare, it will suggest several routes for getting to know the city.

  • 6

    Urban Landscape: The guide that invites you to discover unique elements in Barcelona's urban landscape: shops, party walls and landscapes.